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  • Business & Operation Strategies

    We work with senior managements and stakeholders to review and rebuild their business strategies by market research, competitive analysis, SWOT, brand building, and expandable business model.

  • Information Technology Solutions

    We deliver complete technical solutions to improve the overall productivities and streamline business operations, in order to maximise the performance of work process, minimise the daily operation cost and enhance the competitive advantage.

  • Global Market Advisory

    We assist clients to expand their business in local or global market especially China rapidly with our advisory services, comprehensive market research, government regulations consultancy, and consumer analysis.

  • Finance and Fund Raising

    We introduce potential investors to our clients and revalue the business model, business plan and revenue.


With over 20+ year experience in business growth and analysis, our team is helping clients across from different industries such as games, e-commerce, logistics, property management, energy saving, and security in areas like implementing technical solutions, reforming business models, preparing business plan for investors, advising how to expand business in China market, etc.

  • Vanch (International) Technology Limited

    - Card Game & IP

    Gordon Chin - CEO

    “GSU introduced the 1st-tier global IP - HasBro to us, and then expanded our business to global market. ”

  • Zhejiang Yunxiaojia Tech

    - Digitization of Education

  • 赵楠

    - Energy Saving Sensors

  • ShenzhenZanbaikeInternetTechCo.,Limited

    - Life Stories Social Media

    Dickson - CEO

    “GSU helped us to identify our key differentiations apart from competitors and support our technical team to polish up our products.”


    - Global Logistics


  • iMYX

    - Luxury Brands E-Commerce

  • 三禾里

    - Food Retail

    Mr. Luo - CEO

    “GSU worked with us to develop our overall strategies from logo design to sales and marketing, which we are still using today, and they gave us plenty of practical guidance.”


    - Underwater Robot


  • TNP

    - Investment and finance


  • TilU

    - Live Video Social



    - Digital Electronic 


  • HARVES Group

    - Commercial Real Estate



We are committed to helping enterprises abstract and focus from a"Canvas of Divergent Ideas" to a "Systematic Framework of Strategy", and gradually form their own unique corporate DNA. We always accompany the enterprise to implement the result.

  • Billy Tang


    Digitalization / Cloud Technology / Big Data Processing / Intelligent Solutions / Enterprise Operations / Global Operations / Leadership / Organizational Management / Investor Relations

  • Janos Liu


    Information Communication / Human-Computer Interaction / User Experience Research / Digital Solutions / Platform Product Management / Marketing Creativity